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September 15, 2013 - CrossVC-XXL 2.3.2 released

The version 2.3.2 includes the new SVN plugins 1.8.3 und 1.7.13.
A bug with calling external program, especaly for external diff has been fixed. This release uses Qt 4.8.5 for all platforms.
The linux packages are provided by an installer which also supports uninstallation.

July 09, 2013 - CrossVC-XXL 2.3.1 released

The latest release of version 2.3.1 includes the new SVN plugins 1.6.23 und 1.7.10.
A bug with calling external program, especaly for external diff has been fixed.
A bug with the cs revison tree which could also lead to crash has been fixed.
This release is also available as 64 bit package for Linux.
The Mac OS X package has been successfully testet on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

February 24, 2012 - CrossVC-XXL 2.3 released

With the release of the version 2.3 CrossVC-XXL now provides the same features for all three supported main platforms. The new plugin architecture now also allows the simultaneous support of different versions of the version administration system Subversion.

Administration of user data to deal with SVN repositories has been re-implemented.
Simultaneous support of different versions of the version administration system Subversion (Linux and Mac OS X: 1.4.6, 1.5.9, 1.6.17, 1.7.3, Windows: 1.5.5 (not available on Windows 7), 1.6.17, and 1.7.3) as plug in.
Improvement of the user interface.
Implementation of a shell environment for opening workbench entries in the shell.
Improvment on handling of external diff applications.
Bug fixing.

What is CrossVC?

CrossVC is a graphical version-control program. It is available for Windows (only CrossVC XXL), Mac OS X and Unix (Linux, Solaris, BSD).

You can manage the versions of source-code files. The access to all versions of a file is possible everytime. You can track the modifications from version to version.
Together with CVS or Subversion CrossVC provides network-wide access to a repository for all members of a team. The team members can work on the files concurrently, they can merge their modifications, can develop on multiple branches and much more.

The CrossVC Book

New users will be able to use CrossVC within one hour thanks to the tutorial chapters. Sophisticated functions like the Vendor Imports provide new informations for advanced users.

A reading rehearsal is available here. You can buy it via Amazon Germany.

CrossVC Book


See immediately who works on which files.
Together with NCVS, CrossVC XXL shows immediately every cvs edit/unedit/commit event. Be up to date on activities of your team members, avoid conflicts and save your time.

Send us an email to get more informations.

Realtime notification with NCVS Realtime notification with NCVS